Carton Live

Carton Live Storage

Benefits include:

  • Fantastic Stock Rotation
  • Cost Effective
  • High Density Storage
  • Increased Productivity

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Carton live Storage

Among order picking installations that work according to the operator-to-goods principle, live storage is on the increase.
Higher investment costs are more than compensated by improvements in efficiency.
The subdivision of the total order picking area in several picking zones, the utilisation of sophisticated loading and retrieval technology and computer monitoring by modern warehouse management software make this storage/order picking system an economic benefit.

Advantages of the system

• Storage according to the FIFO principle (first – first out)

• Easy control of production batches and sell-by dates

• Considerable reduction of travel times

• Excellent overview of all references on stock

• Increased productivity due to separate loading and order picking aisles

• Space savings of up to 30%

• Loading and retrieval can be done by automatic stacker cranes