Double Deep

Double Deep Racking

Benefits include:

  • Increased Storage Density
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Good Use of Floor Space
  • Cost Effective

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Double Deep

Up to 30% more storage.

System Features

Double Deep racking has an extra row of racking behind another maximizing the floor space and increasing the storage capacity compared to wide aisle racking.

Space Utilisation

Double deep racking is ideal for storing multiple quantities of the same product and with the reduced number of access aisles, double deep racking provides an increased storage density.

Health & Safety

The more sophisticated handling features of the very narrow truck improve the safety of the load handling within the racking system, a significant benefit under health & safety legislation.


Like wide aisle racking, adjustable beams can be quickly reconfigured. When this system is used well and maintained it will give many years of service. Additional equipment can then be added onto the existing racking easily and inexpensively as required.