High Bay

High Bay Racking

High Bay Racking

Benefits include:

  • Maximising Warehouse Floor Space
  • Speed of Access to Goods
  • Efficient Stock Control
  • Access to Individual Pallet Locations

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High Bay Racking

The complete warehouse system

The use of cubic space and floor utilisation is excellent with high bay racking and although aisles are only marginally narrower than for a VNA truck, stacking heights can be increased by up to a further 100%..

System Features

High bay pallet storage and handling is a major part of an overall integrated warehouse system. Combined with well-structured computerised logistics management, picking speeds and density of stock become very accurate and fast.

Operational environment

As these systems can be fully automated there is normally no requirement for heating, lighting or operational staff within the warehouse.

‘Top Hats’

As stacker cranes are fitted with telescopic forks, ‘top hats’ are normally required to permit pallet/load accessibility.


Individual accessibility is excellent, with immediate access to any given pallet location, stock rotation is again extremely good and can only be improved with the use of a more specialised storage application.