Long Span

Long Span Shelving

Benefits include:

  • Easily Adaptable
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast Picking Speeds
  • Increase Capacity of Warehouse

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Short Span Shelving


Long Span Shelving

Versatile, adjustable shelving…

System features

Shelf & beam options
Seven standard beam sections make longspan ideal for versatile storage applications, allowing a wide range of loadings to be accommodated. A complimentary range of shelving mediums are available to suit the appropriate interface with the items being stored.


Longspan’s versatile nature means it can be incorporated into a broad spectrum of storage applications, from simple hand loaded systems through to sophisticated order picking systems.


Steel panels, chipboard decks, mesh panels, garment hanging rails…
Whatever the option Longspan will support the solution.

This versatile component when combined with the appropriate structural bracing, to form end frames, can achieve heights in excess of 9 metres in a single section with a range of depths.