Push Back

Push Back Racking

Drive In Racking

Benefits include:

  • Utilisation of Floor Space
  • No Specialised Forklifts Required
  • High Density Storage
  • Good Stock Control

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Push Back Racking

Efficient racking at its best

System Features

Push back racking is one of the most effective racking systems available as the use of cubic space and floor utilisation is extremely efficient. Access to products are based upon a ‘first-in, last-out’ principle within each of the storage lanes and the stock can be accessed using most standard types of trucks.


All lanes can be accessed from the aisle at any time irrespective of the storage level. Stock rotation within the push back racking structure is centred around the use of dedicated lanes for each product range, which provides a strong platform for efficient product movement and load marshalling.

Maintenance costs

Slow or fast movement of loads within lanes, require low maintenance.


This type of system is well suited to the task of load marshalling, allowing up to four loads to be stored in each lane. Also good for bulk storage and bulk handling.


Each load in the depth can be identified by track mounted ‘flags’ located on the access face.