Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design

Designing the best solution for your storage and warehousing needs requires us to fully understand your business challenges – and your expectations for the future.

Our aim is to use our decades of experience to analyse your business and develop a solution that will maximise you return on investment.

Analysis And Design Development

Our experience in analysing warehouse situations and developing design solutions individually tailored to meet your business needs is our highest priority. Understanding your challenges at the earliest possible stage and spending time evaluating and developing a working solution is our aim – and the earlier we can be involved in that process the more design elements can be evaluated and solutions developed.

Selecting the right storage solution for your warehouse may mean evaluating multiple options and trying different storage techniques – which is all part of developing the correct design – and Intexion will work as part of your team to clearly explain the benefits of each solution so that the end result is right first time.

Computer Aided Design

Using the latest CAD technology and specifically written design tools we can produce quality design proposals that clearly explain the warehouse and storage system design. These tools also us to quickly modify and develop plans as the solution develops.


Carefully design of warehouse storage solution is only part of the story. Integration with other trades requires careful planning and design integration – whether that be sprinklers, lighting, electrics, fork lift trucks, conveyors, building works, labelling or statutory applications.

We use all our experience in all these areas to ensure that the design and implementation is executed smoothly and accurately.

System Lifespan

We understand that when Intexion completes the delivery of your warehouse solution that is just the start of your process to realising your investment. Our design solution will always take the maintenance and adaptation of your system into consideration and we’ll always endeavour to design a solution with maximum flexibility for your future changes.

Once the installation is complete we will issue all the information you require to make sure you can operate the system safely, instructions on how to manage the system – and most importantly – a lifetime of free support and advice regarding the products that we have installed.