Wide Aisle

Wide Aisle Racking Intexion

Wide Aisle Racking

Benefits include:

  • Easily Adaptable
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast Picking Speeds
  • Increase Capacity of Warehouse

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Wide Aisle Racking

It is widely specified in virtually every industry and easily adapts to the vast and complex range of products needing to be stored.

System features

An extremely cost effective, low initial investment storage solution that is widely specified in virtually every industry. Wide aisle racking easily adapts to the vast and complex range of products required to be stored in a warehouse environment and reduces the requirements for specialised handling equipment.


From adjustable beams that easily allow quick reconfiguration of the racking to uprights that can be made to any size for your storage needs, we can supply from a stock of standard sizes with fast lead times to bespoke design solutions


When this system is well used and maintained it will give many years of service. Additional equipment can then be added onto the existing racking easily and inexpensively as required.

Immediate access

Although as you will see there are more specialised forms of racking to suit particular needs i.e. that use the cube space more effectively or give faster picking speeds – this style has a place within virtually every company and is the standard to which others are compared.

The main aspect of this type of storage revolves around the variety of options that are available, making it easy to exactly match with the customers individual storage requirements – whilst at the same time not needing to specify specialised handling equipment. Indeed this style (more than any other) is often designed around the customers existing handling equipment